- Spiritual dialogues with the Sufi saint SAI ROCHALDAS SAHIB

Sai (Dr) Rochaldas Sahib was a great Sufi saint. His dialogues cover a wide range of topics including, inter alia, satsang, silence and concentration, posture, diet, sleep, service, charity, endeavour and grace, conduct and life-style, hatha yoga, blessings, love, stages of love, how to attain love, samadhi, annihilation of self, renunciation and non-attachment, nature of mind and Self-realisation. The Master has provided answers by practical demonstration in his conduct, life-style, endeavours and attainments. He left his mortal frame in 1957. The dialogues were edited by his son and spiritual successor Dr R.M. Hari.

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Dr. R.M. Hari

(April 30, 1912 - March 21, 1980)


The central thought of these books is to discover the latent power within all human beings, which is the secret of all religion, power of mysticism and essence of philosophy. These books cover a wide range of topics like Satsang, Silence & Concentration, Posture & Diet, Sleep, Service, Charity, Endeavor, Yoga, Blessings & Love, which are essential for a true seeker.

Dr. Sai Rochaldas Sahib and Dr. R.M Hari (Dada Sai) were Masters and guiding spirits to all souls, constantly leading followers to light. The service given by them was commendable and is followed and known by the followers till date.

The books written are in abridged version, respecting the voluminous content for a common man to understand, leading them to the fact that truth is the underlying objective of all religions, focusing on yoga and emphasizing that everything which is born has to die, but the soul is eternal.


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