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Spiritual Awakening Signs to Observe

It becomes rather monumental wrapping spiritual awakening adequately within any set literary framework.  While a wide seeker segment takes to spiritual awakening and enlightenment as a ‘transcendental awakening’ experience leading to dissolution of the ego and manifestation of inner self, there can be no surefire way about it as perceptions vary greatly. And understandably so, for spiritual awakening and enlightenment borders more on subjectivity than dispassionate objectivity.

spiritual awakening signs

spiritual awakening signs

Many New Age seekers are swept over by the overwhelming dilemma of getting around to identifying the signs of spiritual awakening, which almost ironically, can never be chronicled adequately enough. However, drawing upon the most widely acclaimed spiritual prophecies and experiences, the emergence of the undermentioned signs can be a reflection of imminent spiritual awakening.

The most obvious Spiritual Awakening Signs

1. Inconsistent sleep patterns: At the outset, your energy levels may undergo a state of turmoil. This shall reflect on your sleep pattern, which may vary between being unusually long to abrupt and uncharacteristically short. It may be as erratic as lying awake unusually late into the night or sleeping way too long into daytime, to waking up at odd hours and feeling the need to be up. This inconsistency is a sign that your energy levels are undergoing transition to settle down into a heightened state of being.

2. Emotional Wavering: Just as with the sleep, spiritual awakening may present an emotional roller coaster. You may go through a whole range of emotions and the wavering may get so intense that at any given point you may be breaking into tears while the very next moment may make you feel on top of the world. From sudden bursts of anger to feeling deep calm and in control, your emotional bearings may waver between one extreme to the other.

3. Physiological Changes: As your progress with spiritual awakening gets manifested, radical physiological changes come up to signify that the repressed is now coming out and you’re breaking free. This may show up as a deviant gain or loss of weight and physical activity to signify that the ‘old stuff’ venting out is cutting through the resistance at the physical level. As spiritual awakening leads to cleaning of the whole, the detoxification may spur the inner self into producing symptoms of fatigue, physical disinclination, stomach, and headaches originating especially around the crown region. You may have to wake up to illusionary vision or metabolism irregularities.

4. Psychic wear down: You may suddenly find yourself dealing with loss of bearings by getting spaced out momentarily, feeling dizzy, or running a burst of electrical pangs right through the body originating generally in the crown. Some have even endured extreme psychic indulgence coming in the way of regular praying and meditating.

There may be many more ways to spiritual manifestation and the above is nothing more than the tip of the iceberg.


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