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Vairagya Prakarana (On Dispassion)

SRI YOGA VASISHTHA I. VAIRAGYA PRAKARANA (ON DISPASSION) When Sutikshna approached his preceptor Sri Agasti Muni for guidance and to get his doubts cleared, he asked, “Sir, how does a jiva attain liberation (moksha) ? Is it through actions (karma) or knowledge (gyan) or both ?” The enlightened master replied, “Both, actions (karma) and knowledge [...]

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Spiritual Awakening Signs to Observe

It becomes rather monumental wrapping spiritual awakening adequately within any set literary framework.  While a wide seeker segment takes to spiritual awakening and enlightenment as a ‘transcendental awakening’ experience leading to dissolution of the ego and manifestation of inner self, there can be no surefire way about it as perceptions vary greatly. And understandably so, [...]

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